Will iPhone 13 have satellite connectivity?

A customized Qualcomm X60 baseband chip can connect to LEO satellites

Will iPhone 13 have satellite connectivity?

Apple usually releases its new phones in September. So, we can expect the next model from Apple in a couple of weeks. There are many rumours and leaks that are surfacing because of the potential release. In a new report, it is said that iPhone 13 might have satellite connectivity built in it. With this, satellite calls can be made. 

A custom-made Qualcomm X60 baseband chip will enable the iPhone 13 to connect to low earth orbit (LEO) satellites. LEO satellites are used for many functions. It is employed in Elon Musk’s Starlink internet service. It makes use of the satellites on the lower orbits to bring the internet down to users. It avoids many drawbacks of the satellite internet that include high latency, and blackouts. LEO satellites are also used by Hughesnet and OneWeb. They have together announced a new constellation to work along with terrestrial 5G networks. 

If the rumour that Qualcomm X60 will be used in iPhone 13 is true, then the device will be able to handle another feature of 5G. It now contains a blend of different technologies that comprise ultrafast, limited range millimeter-wave, and the popular but slower C-Band. This technology will enable users to connect to the internet in places where there are no towers to support the traditional internet connection. It will be a blessing in rural and less-developed areas, where connecting even to a 3G and 4G seems to be difficult. 

If this feature is introduced, battery life will surely be affected. A tree factor is also present. We can look forward to how the company will bring out a solution.