Twitter works with AP and Reuters to boost credibility

Twitter will now not wait for contents to go viral and the contents will be assessed for credibility

Twitter works with AP and Reuters to boost credibility

Twitter, in an attempt to boost the credibility of the content on its platform, is partnering with The Associated Press and Reuters. The curation team which will be set up will have employees who work together to watch over the popular topics on the platform. The team will also supervise the Trends and Explore tabs which are more visible and are often tagged controversial.

The company assures that the users will get to see that there will be more and better information when people discuss some matters. Trends will contain descriptions based on the context and links that attach them to credible sources. It will also be able to identify wrong information easily and prevent it from circulating on the platform. The company claims that it will not wait for something to go viral and contextualize every discourse right from the beginning.

The partnership is vital for Twitter as it is a context-important platform. The company is pointing towards tools like Birdwatch. While The Associated Press and Reuters will help in contents that are in English largely, the team will also oversee contents in other languages like Japanese, Arabic, Spanish, and Portuguese. 

With this curation team, Twitter is planning to avoid some situations in which the company couldn’t stop misinformation from circulating. Last year, following the death of Jeffrey Epstein the company was unable to stop hashtags like #ClintonBodyCOunt from trending. The trolls which came after Simone Biles withdrew from the Tokyo Olympics are also because the Twitter trends usually become easy prey to trolls. Adding the help of The Associated Press and Reuters will make the efforts of Twitter to prevent such incidents easier.