Twitter to hire in three new posts to comply with India’s IT rules

Twitter and India’s new IT rules

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After the country introduced new IT rules, Twitter was forced to hire new executives to comply with the rules. It has already appointed an interim chief compliance officer and is looking to fill in two executive posts in the coming weeks, the microblogging firm said in response to a court filing on July 8th, Thursday. 

The new IT rules which are aimed at regulating user-generated content came into effect by the end of May. It aims to regulate the content on social media as well as the swift handling of legal requests. This also involves the appointment of new authorities in the country’s unit.

The tensions rose between the government and Twitter after the tech giant refused to remove hashtags related to the farmers’ protest in India. Complaints were filed against the Twitter India boss Manish Maheshwari in more than one state. Even though Twitter said that it has the “right to challenge the legality, validity… of the Rules” in the filing, it may find it hard to go forward without strictly adhering to the new rules.

The Delhi High Court has given Twitter two weeks to make permanent appointments in certain positions and has also warned that in case of non-adherence to any of the rules, the government has the right to take action against it.

Via: Reuters