Toyota creates history by selling its 50 millionth Corolla

In the US, Corolla was first launched as a 1969 model in 1968

Toyota creates history by selling its 50 millionth Corolla

Toyota holds a special place in the history of automobiles. It is arguably the world’s most popular vehicle manufacturer for a long time. Toyota has manufactured many vehicles in the past years. But the most highlighted one is their Corolla. The company has now made a major feat by selling its 50 millionth corolla. 

Eight years ago, the company sold its 40 millionth Corolla. And it took only eight years to deliver another 10 million Corolla vehicles. The 50 millionth vehicle was not given a proper farewell by the company. All the company had to say was that it was sold “this past July.” The company has not provided any details of the person to whom the car with such a historic value was sold. Maybe the car is owned by someone you know. We can’t be sure. The company did the same thing with the 40 millionth vehicle too. 

Another interesting thing to note is that the company took only a total of 50 years to reach this historic milestone. Corolla has managed to keep its identity as an affordable, small car throughout all the twelve generations of the model. In the US, Corollas were first launched in 1968. The price for the model started at $1,700, and over the years it has never disappointed its customers in terms of price, or performance. 

Toyota is now planning on a more daring style on the Corollas by bringing in a crossover. The new model Corolla Cross might give the Corolla sales another push as crossovers are in trend nowadays. Maybe in another six or seven years, we can expect to bring out the news of Toyota selling its 60 millionth Corolla. Who knows?