The RIF6 Cube Projector Puts Big Screen Viewing in Your Pocket

Most projectors are big, hulking beasts that only work with a computer. The RIF6 Cube Projector is designed to work with phones, tablets and laptops, and it measures just two inches along each side. Despite its size, it is powerful enough to fill the nearest blank wall.

The Cube is completely self-contained, running on its own rechargeable battery, and mounted on the supplied mini tripod. It takes HDMI and MHL inputs, meaning you can stream visual content from any iOS or Android device, as well as your computer. The energy efficient LED light source kicks out 20,000 lumens, offering a contrasty display of up to 120 inches across. The lens is easy to focus, and the projector even has a built in speaker for audio. Weighing just 0.3 pounds, the RIF6 is great for out of the office presentations and watching movies on vacation. It comes with a charger, plus all the necessary audio visual cables, and a remote control.