The game PUBG Mobile returns to India, with many questions!


The Korean firm Krafton, which filed for an IPO earlier this week has something to celebrate elsewhere in the world, too. On Thursday, it pulled off another feat that its sleeper hit title, PUBG Mobile game, has made a return to India, which banned the title more than nine months ago.

The world’s second-largest internet market banned over 200 apps last year citing national security concerns. All the apps New Delhi blocked in the nation had some connection to China. The move was seen by many as retaliation as tension between the two nuclear-armed neighboring nations escalated last year.

PUBG Mobile’s return to India all the more interesting, because many other banned apps which counts 200 are still trying to find a way to get in because of the revenue they generate here. The game, which has been rebranded to Battlegrounds Mobile India in the South Asia market, is available to download from the Play Store for any user in the country — provided they sign up for an early access before the imminent launch. Even as PUBG Mobile is now using a different moniker, the game follows the same plot, and the identical home screen greets users with the familiar ecstatic background score. Moreover, users are offered a quick and straightforward option to migrate their PUBG Mobile accounts to the new app.

We request all users to play safely and carefully.