Spotify’s Greenroom reaches 140k installs on iOS, 100k on Android

Greenroom's official launch took place July 16, 2021

Spotify's Greenroom reaches 140k installs on iOS, 100k on Android

Spotify’s Greenroom was recently launched as a live audio app. The recent data about the downloads of the app shows that it has to go a long way in order to fight for the top spot among live audio apps. The app was downloaded about 141,000 times on iOS and about 100,000 times on Android devices. These data were laid out by app intelligence firm Sensor Tower.

Clubhouse, another live audio platform that became popular, has now almost 30.2 million downloads in total according to Sensor Tower. There are other platforms similar to it like Airtime with 14.3 million total downloads, Spoon with 27.3 million, Yalla with 48.1 million, and Lizhi with 29.5 million downloads.

Spotify’s larger user base hasn’t been downloading the Greenroom as reports show. Spotify was recently able to acquire 165 million paid subscribers on its platform with 365 million monthly active users. Since Greenroom was launched only last month, we can hope that they will attain a share of what Spotify achieved.

Greenroom took over the install base of Locker Room which Spotify had planned to develop as a live audio platform. The downloads before the takeover are considerably smaller and needn’t be counted.

Other major platforms like Twitter and Facebook had also introduced their audio platforms recently but the data on the active users are still not out. So, it is not yet time to write off Greenroom given the company’s ability to promote its shows and events through Spotify. Greenroom may also add new programming features which could make it more interesting and appealing to the users. Let’s wait and see.