Samsung updates SmartThings app to track energy usage

Notifications will be received if you exceed your monthly limit


Samsung has always tried to bring updates to its various products and services according to our lifestyle changes. The launch of more TV controls during the time of pandemic was one such gesture. Now it has brought another update to cater to a well-known change. Because we tend to spend more time indoors, the need to track energy usage is on the rise. Samsung addresses this issue in its SmartThings app.

SmartThings Energy can calculate and track how much energy is consumed by your Samsung products and appliances. It has already planned to extend this service to reliable partners in the future. The app provides you with a visual representation of the consumption data and allows you to compare it with targets and monthly usage. It will notify you when you leave your home with an appliance turned on or when you exceed your limit.

Samsung has also introduced Unknown Tag Search to identify any unknown SmartTags are following you. The company plans to release more updates and products in the coming months.