Samsung Unveils 8-Megapixel ISOCELL Front Camera Sensor


Samsung Electronics at MWC 2015 on Tuesday announced a new 8-megapixel RWB (Red White Blue) camera sensor based on its proprietary ISOCELL technology, and a fourth-generation NFC integrated circuit (IC) with improved RF (radio frequency) performance. The samples of the 8-megapixel RWB ISOCELL camera sensor are available for manufacturers, and mass production is scheduled for Q2 2015.

Samsung claims that the new 8-megapixel ISOCELL RWB CMOS camera sensor, the S5K4H5YB, is best suited for front-facing mobile cameras because of its excellent low light performance. The newly devised RWB colour pattern by Samsung is said to further enhance light sensitivity and colour fidelity, thus allowing an improvement of over 3 dB (decibels) in SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) in low-light settings.

On the other hand, Samsung’s fourth-generation NFC solution (S3FWRN5P) is claimed to provide great design benefits for mobile manufacturers with minimal space constraints, since it can be directly attached to smartphone battery eliminating the need of an extra booster IC. The new NFC IC is said to operate with one of the smallest antennas currently available in the market, which comes in a film-type form factor.

Samsung’s fourth-generation NFC IC is in mass production and reference designs have already been made available.