Samsung redesigns its Galaxy Store and now focus more on games


Samsung started gaining market shares in many countries. Now it is become number one in India market again. And now Samsung wants its phones to be know also for gaming. To make mobile gamers impressed, now they are started taking another step towards achieving that big goal with a new Galaxy store which are more towards gamer and there need/choice friendly.

The redesigned Galaxy Store has just two home screen tabs: one for apps and one for games. Each time you buy a game from the Galaxy Store, you’ll earn rewards points that you can put towards another one down the line. You’ll also find exclusive promos and previews on the gaming tab. Samsung Galaxy StoreSamsung Samsung says its mobile app store is the only one in the US from which you can download Fortnite.

Google and Apple yanked the battle royale from their app stores in August, and they’re currently in a legal battle with Epic Games. However, you can still side load the game (which can run at 90fps on a Galaxy Tab 7) on Android. Some of Samsung’s phones and tablets also support cloud gaming via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Google Stadia.