Samsung Galaxy S21 series official teaser video says “A new Galaxy awaits”


The Galaxy S21 series will come to the market as earlier as expected. We have noticed an official teaser video from Samsung hinting with a title as “A new Galaxy awaits”. The short 30-second clip tells the story of the evolutions of the Galaxy series smart phone over the years. It is animated motion graphics which tell the story of the design evolutions of the entire S-series.

The video is currently set “unlisted” on the Samsung YouTube channel. We expect company will sending out online invites for the upcoming event soon.

We expect, the Galaxy S21, S21+, S21 Ultra will have an all new 10x folded periscope and 3X standard tele lens, according to the abstract information which leaked earlier. Leaked details also mentioned that the phones will use a 64MP camera and digital zoom and more.

We have to wait and see what Samsung Galaxy S21 offers when it reached the real world.