Pixelmator’s AI-driven Photoshop rival is ready for Mac



Adobe Photoshop’s challenger Pixelmator going to rolling out a new AI pro image editor soon. Pixelmator has released its previously-teased Pixelmator Pro on the Mac App Store. The $60 software promises many tools that photoshop or higher-end creative tools usually have. It can remove objects, snap to items, level the horizon and identify layers without the painstaking manual effort you’ve typically needed in the past.

Pixelmator Pro also switches to a single-pane interface that aims to reduce clutter, and its heavy reliance on Mac-specific frameworks (Swift for code, Core Image and Metal for graphics) should give it a level of optimization you might not get from a cross-platform app.

Much like Apple’s own creative apps, the overhaul has left some features by the wayside, at least for a while. The 9to5Mac crew has noticed that cropping is currently limited to fixed ratios (that will be addressed in a later update), and your MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar won’t get a workout in version 1.0. However, what’s here could be enough to justify a purchase if you want sophisticated editing but can’t stomach the idea of paying a monthly fee.

Source: Engadget