Peloton introduces its first fitness game “Lanebreak”

The game will be available in the company's fitness bikes


The fitness company Peloton is making their stationary bikes interesting with the introduction of a fitness game titled “Lanebreak”. Switch had made Ring Fit Adventure which became popular. This was when the industry realized the popularity of gamified workouts. Peloton decided to enter this field and the game is available in its stationary bikes. It has a simple structure and is rhythm-based. The players will have to control a rolling tyre by pedalling and has to switch lanes using the resistance knob when faced with an obstacle. It is a lot similar to Audiosurf, and the entire game is synchronized into a music soundtrack.

Lanebreak has finished its trials which saw select users playing small games which run for two weeks. The core mechanics of gaming like reward and progression is intertwined to exercise making the people to spend more time on workouts. Music helps them to link the regular exercise classes with the game to bring new players. The full version of the game is yet to be released and is expected to release soon. The game will face many competitors as more and more similar games are being released. Zwift and Supernatural are some of the companies that make use of similar technologies.