New Telegram beta adds read receipts for group chats

The feature is restricted to group chats with 50 participants or less

New Telegram beta adds read receipts for group chats

Group chats always make it so much easier to make plans with friends. It’s not always enough to simply talk to your friends; sometimes you need to know who has or hasn’t seen a specific message. It’s a feature that other applications like Facebook Messenger have, but it’s one Telegram has lacked until now.

Telegram’s latest beta version now allows group read receipts, according to a Reddit user so you can check who has viewed a specific message in a thread. It will only support group conversations with less than 50 recipients, according to follow-up comments, which should restrict the lists from getting too large. By right-clicking on a message on the desktop, you may check who has viewed it. A long-press on Android brings up the same menu.

Early reactions to group read receipts appear to be mixed. While some Telegram users have been waiting for this feature for years, others are wary of allowing group members to know when they’ve viewed a message, especially if it can’t be deactivated in settings. 

It’s not notified when or if this will be included in a stable version of the app, or whether customer input will force read receipts to be turned off. However, if you’ve been looking for a means to ensure that your slacker friend shows up for decided plans, this could be a useful tool. If you want to try it out on Android, go to Microsoft’s App Center and look for Telegram’s beta. The app’s developers publish their latest versions there.