New Pixel Buds A-Series Earbuds


Pixel Buds A-Series, Google’s pocket friendly new and updated Pixel Buds are available now. It is an updated version of Pixel Buds which launched with the Pixel 5 Phone in 2020. New version of the Pixel Buds is almost similar in weight, size, build quality etc, but couple of key features are missed with a much more lower $99 price point.

Now the Pixel Buds A-Series don’t come with wireless charging, and it does not have the experimental ‘Attention Alerts’ features. Everything else is the same on paper and all of the features are still here.

You still get touch controls on each Bud, and you are still able to use either Bud by itself if you want. Hands-Free “Hey Google” commands work the same, and in-ear detection is present as well.

The Pixel Buds A-Series now makes Google’s offering more affordable than Apple’s entry-level AirPods, which start at $159.

Source: Gsmarena