Latest images of Pixel Watch leaks shows smartwatch on a wrist

Google Pixel Watch

Google might announce a smartwatch with in a month. The new Pixel Watch has leaked online again. Images of the wearable first surfaced two days ago. In the latest real-world photographs, from Reddit user tagtech414, you can see the Pixel Watch on someone’s wrist.

You can see the image without the device booted, but you do get a clear sense of its design, style and size. It is a 20m strap that’s “a soft silicone with good flex and doesn’t seem to show fingerprints/oil too badly”. Apart from the strap, the Redditor praised the watch and its comfort level, saying it “feels like it’s not even there” and that the “crown does not poke into the back of my hand when bending my wrist back or typing”.

Google has yet to officially announce (or name) the Pixel Watch, but it’s been rumoured for years and is currently expected to debut at Google I/O In May (when Google will also likely announce Android 13).