Google Voice adds new features

New features has been added to missed calls, and SMS messages

Google Voice adds new features

Google Voice hasn’t got the hype Google’s other services had. Therefore, there weren’t many updates or features added to this service. But the company has now decided to add new features like new caller ID, missed call, and SMS features to it. 

You can know when you miss a call from the missed calls or voicemail sections, the recently added feature. You will also receive instructions to avoid missing calls in the future. The new feature also allows you to easily redial the dropped calls and change to your mobile network if the Wi-Fi is not strong enough to receive a call.

Google Voice on iOS will have the Google Voice number displayed on the caller ID section instead of the original linked number if you have selected to forward calls to your personal number. The web version of Google Voice will allow you to delete SMS messages in bulk. 

Google Fi was used by Google to offer a traditional phone service. It was felt that Google itself was forsaking Google Voice. Even though it had a redesign in 2018 and a dark mode feature in 2020, Google Voice didn’t have the same updates as Google’s other services had. These new added features will help Google Voice and will remind the users of the service that Google has not forgotten about it.