Intel plans to go beyond 3nm chips

Intel is expecting to achieve dominance in the PC world

Intel plans to go beyond 3nm chips

Intel was planning to retake the CPU manufacturing lead as the company announced earlier this year. This is to secure their dominance in the world of PCs. There was no news on how the company plans to achieve it but now the CEO of Intel has laid out the future plans of the company. 

The future plans laid out by Intel’s CEO Pat Gelsinger and SVP of Technology Development Dr. Ann Kelleher have many things in it. They are starting with renaming its manufacturing nodes. The 10nm “Enhanced Superfin” will be renamed as “7”. The company’s nanometer measurements of process nodes have nothing to do with its physical features now. Intel’s 10nm chips’ density can be compared with that of TSMC and Samsung’s 7nm. 

Intel is also planning major product updates annually. The company will launch Alder Lake chips this fall and it will have a mixture of high and low-powered cores. It will be succeeded by the launch of 4nm Meteor Lake chips which will have a “tile” design and will use Intel’s 3D stacked chip technology, Foveros. The company has also planned on a EUV-based 3nm node and a “20A” for the angstrom node. This will be followed by the release of an 18A node which the company expects to start production by 2025. 

Intel has so much to achieve in a limited time. Given the history of the company, we should wait and see if they can keep up the time frame. But when these products are launched, they will surely improve the performance of laptops and desktops.