HubSpot promotes Yamini Rangan as its CEO

Yamini Rangan will take over the post on September 7

HubSpot promotes Yamini Rangan as its CEO

HubSpot has announced that the company will promote Yamini Rangan as its CEO. Brian Halligan who previously held the post would now have the executive chairman role. He is also a co-founder of the Boston-based company. Yamini Rangan who held the post of CMO will take over the CEO post in September. 

Rangan has worked in Dropbox, Workday, and SAP before joining HubSpot in 2020. She will have a strong presence as the chief executive thanks to her strong background in engineering, sales, and marketing. Brian Halligan had recently met with a snowmobile accident and in his absence, it was Rangan who ran the company. This would have helped her in achieving the position. Halligan is completely recovered now and he wrote in a blog post that Rangan is very well prepared to take the role of CEO. He added, “Yamini has been overseeing day to day operations at HubSpot since March, managing Board meetings, the HubSpot earnings call, and key hiring and growth initiatives, working closely with Dharmesh and the rest of the leadership team. She’s made HubSpot better by being here, and I know that trend will continue with her as CEO”.

The company has shown solid performance in its Q2 2021 revenue which amounted to $310.8, a 53% increase from that of last year. This has put the company at a $1.4 billion valuation. 

The company was formed in Boston in 2006 by Halligan and Dharmesh Shah. The company used the content marketing technique largely in the form of company blogs to increase the traffic and sales on its website. It is to be noted that they were the pioneers in using this method even though it is so common nowadays. The company went public in 2014. HubSpot stocks went over a 2% raise after the news of the new CEO had been let out. This indicates that the investors are satisfied with the news.