Instagram plans “interest search” to make search results more user-friendly

Instagram is also planning a visual search option

Instagram plans "interest search" to make search results more user-friendly

Instagram is planning on making its search page better. A new report says that the social media giant is working on a search method to make available to users what they really need on its search page. The change will make users able to search content based on topics. Now the search option is utilized by entering account names or hashtags.

What Instagram had until now was a basic search feature. Even if we typed a topic, we had to look in different accounts or hashtags to find the relevant content. Instagram is updating this by allowing a grid of photos and videos related to the topic to be displayed on the search page itself when it is searched. This feature is similar to that of Pinterest.

Instagram head Adam Mosseri tweeted a video in which he said that they are testing the new “interest search”. This feature is internally called “interest search”. He said that while the company is working on an expansion of this feature, it will be made available for a variety of topics in many languages. The platform has been updated now to look for results for search terms that accompany a magnifying glass. 

While the platform has added several new features recently, it is working on more updates. The most interesting one would be the proposed visual search that will allow users to search for content using the in-app camera. But the company has not given many details about this feature and when it will be added.