Instagram modifies explore tab to limit sensitive content

Users can limit the appearance of sensitive contents themselves


 Instagram is modifying its explore tab to limit users from getting sensitive content on the app. It will provide some extra options to users to see what they want to see and restrict the posts that they don’t wish to see. The new toggle introduced by Instagram called ” Sensitive Content Control” will allow the users to put a check on the posts that seem to be offensive and it will stay hidden from their explore tab.

 It will also allow users to limit more such posts from appearing to them. The option to do so is present in the settings menu on the app.

 Instagram commented on the subjective nature of some posts which makes it look offensive to some of its users and not so to others. In cases like these, the new option will allow individual users to select what may seem offensive to not appear again on their page.

 Instagram’s “sensitive” contents are categorized into posts that they allow on the platform but don’t want to seem as promoting it. It includes “pictures of people in a see-through clothing” and also “exaggerated health claims”.