Instagram is apparently testing an AI chatbot it can can ‘answer questions’ and ‘offer advice.’

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Meta, formerly known as Facebook, appears to be exploring the potential of AI chatbots in the realm of social interactions. Leaker Alessandro Paluzzi recently shared a screenshot on Twitter that hints at a new feature on Instagram. The screenshot showcases an introductory screen, suggesting that chatbots will be capable of answering questions, providing advice, and assisting users with message composition. It further mentions that users will have the option to choose from a selection of 30 AI personalities to find the one that suits them best.

While Meta has not officially announced any concrete plans regarding this feature, the concept aligns with the company’s previous statements about its AI aspirations. In February, CEO Mark Zuckerberg mentioned Meta’s ongoing development of AI personas designed to assist people in various ways. He also expressed the company’s interest in exploring methods to make these bots accessible through text conversations, similar to chat platforms like WhatsApp and Messenger.