Apple bought the AR company ‘Mario Kart’


According to reports, Apple has recently acquired the AR startup Mira. This Los Angeles-based company specializes in producing AR headsets, including those used for Super Nintendo World’s popular Mario Kart ride. Mira has also secured contracts with prestigious entities like the US Air Force and Navy. Some may recall the Mira Prism, a smartphone-based AR headset that gained attention when Engadget tested it back in 2017.

Apple’s highly anticipated AR headset, the Vision Pro, was finally unveiled during the WWDC 2023 keynote on Monday. The Verge has confirmed the acquisition through posts on the private Instagram account of Mira CEO Ben Taft, and Apple has also acknowledged the acquisition. The specific details regarding the financial terms of the deal are yet to be disclosed, as well as Apple’s intentions with the company. However, it is reasonable to assume that talent and patents could be valuable assets for Apple, especially considering the recent announcement of the Vision Pro.

As part of the acquisition, Apple has reportedly assimilated at least 11 employees from Mira, and it has been noted that former design chief Jony Ive had previously provided advice to the startup, as reported by The Verge.