HalloApp to compete with WhatsApp

HalloApp is built by two former WhatsApp employees


WhatsApp had been our solution to a private social network platform. With increased use, the platform is beginning to feel like it is not a private one anymore. HalloApp has every reason to take over this place and interestingly it is built by two of the former employees of WhatsApp.

There are many similarities between WhatsApp and this new social network platform. You can interact with close friends and family, the people who know your number, and the messages are secured with encryption similar to WhatsApp. Also, there will be no ads on the platforms, unlike many social network platforms that debuted in recent times. The app is now available on Apple’s App Store and Google Playstore.

The cofounders of the app Neeraj Arora and Michael Donohue worked for WhatsApp before it was sold to Facebook. Arora was even an important person behind the negotiations made by Facebook and WhatsApp. They have not given an official declaration on what they aim to do.

HalloApp’s platform is divided into four sections- a home feed of posts, individual chats, group chats, and settings. It allows a break from the usual scenario where you scroll through posts of unknown people like on Facebook. HalloApp is now running on funds from investors and plans to charge the users with a subscription fee later.