Google Slides updated with Q&A, laser pointer and more

Google is updating Slides with a couple of unique features. The Google Slides app is getting a Q&A feature that allows audience members submit questions to a speaker throughout a presentation.

One of the main aims of the feature is to helps speakers connect with their audience and collect real time feedback. The Q&A feature works in real time and hence does not interrupt speakers during their talk. Using a link displayed on a Slides presentation, audience members can submit questions from their phones, laptops and tablets and vote on those they want answered the most. These questions appear on a moderator’s screen, as well as on the screens of others in attendance.

Google is also making it easier to present Slides. If you have Hangouts on an iPhone or iPad, Slides can be presented in app, and cast to a big screen using Chrome cast or Air Play. The company has also introduced a new laser pointer feature for Slides on the Web. lt lets you quickly point out content on screen for your audience and turns your mouse pointer into a laser pointer.