Google releases Hangouts plugin for Microsoft Outlook


Google has released Hangouts plugin for Outlook. Using this plugin, the Outlook users can schedule video calls with other users. Now users can schedule meetings directly from Outlook, rather than jumping into Google Calendar to schedule calls. This plugin is also used by Chromebox to schedule meetings. It adds a video call name to the Microsoft Outlook event, and participants join the video call from a Chromebox for meetings device by entering the video call name. It seems that the Hangouts plugin for Outlook does not support chat.

After installing the Hangouts plugin for Outlook, you will find two buttons in the Office Ribbon for Outlook Mail and Calendar: one for scheduled and one for unscheduled video calls. The points below details various actions:


Click “Schedule a Hangout” to create a new meeting populated with Hangouts video call details.
If you are editing a meeting, you can click Add Hangout to meeting. This adds the video call name to the location field and instructions for joining the meeting in the body.


Click “Start a new Hangout” to launch a spontaneous video call. The video call opens in your default browser.
If you are using a Chromebox for meetings device, enter the video call name into the text box.
Add guests

Internal participants

You can invite internal participants—people who have Google Apps accounts in the same domain—in multiple ways:

Add them as a guest to the calendar event.
Add them as a guest in the video call.
If your organization has Chromebox for meetings devices, you can send them the video call name.

External participants

External guests must be invited in the Hangouts video call.
Start your video call.
Once you have joined the meeting, click to add new guests.
Enter the guest’s email address and then hit the “Invite” button to send an email with the link to your guests.

Join a video call

If you have Google apps for Business accounts, you can join the video call by clicking the link in the email.

If you do not have Google Apps for Business accounts, you can join from your Chromebox for meetings device by entering the meeting name using the remote control.

Change your default video call settings

To customize your default video call settings, click “New” >”Meeting request”, then click Hangout Settings in the ribbon.

SOURCE: Google

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