Google apps will feature new Focus mode on iOS 15

Notifications that are timely but do not demand immediate action will be sent to the Notifications Center

Google apps will feature new Focus mode on iOS 15

Google has confirmed that its apps have been upgraded to work with iOS 15. On the latest version of Apple’s operating system for iPhones and iPads, the search giant promises a slew of new capabilities to boost the functionality of Google apps. Focus mode is the big improvement, and it’s for people who get a lot of notifications throughout the day.

When using Google apps in Focus mode, notifications are made as relevant and timely as possible, which means some notifications are muted. One example is when using Google Maps to navigate. Focus mode will still provide users with messages when they need to turn or if a change has occurred along the route, according to Google. Because the notifications are timely, Focus mode will not change them.

Users will still receive reminders from Google Home if an unusual person knocks on their door, as well as reminders in Google Tasks connected to a specified time. Notifications that are timely but do not demand immediate action, on the other hand, will be sent to the Notifications Center. Users can review their saved notifications whenever it is convenient for them. The new notification system will be rolled out across Google’s apps in the coming weeks, according to the company.

Larger iPad widgets are another update for Google apps. Widgets were previously available for the iPhone, and Google claims that customers found them useful for quickly accessing their favourite Google apps and functions. Widgets for the iPad are now available, and extra-large versions of Google Photos and YouTube Music will be accessible in the coming weeks. Another modification is currently in place, allowing users to use Spotlight to search for their favourite song. Users can then play the song directly on YouTube music once it has been found. All of the modifications are intended to make it easier for iOS users to access Google.