Google finally released Android 12 beta

Android 12 is expected to release in the coming weeks

Google releases final Android 12 beta

Before Android 12’s formal release, you have one more chance to try it out. Google has brought out the fifth and final beta for Pixel phones (including the Pixel 5a) and a variety of third-party devices, allowing you one last peek before the final release. Beta 5 is a release candidate build with last-minute repairs and speed enhancements, so there won’t be any significant differences from beta 4 or even beta 3. 

Google said that Android 12 completed software will be launched in the coming weeks. In normal situations, there is a strong possibility that only Pixel owners will get Android 12 first. People will have to wait for third parties to bring in the required changes and release the version in the coming months.

  The Material You design style, which includes an overall UI revamp, more fluid animations, and colour palettes that adapt to your background, is the most noticeable change in Android 12. More privacy features, such as a separate Privacy Dashboard, as well as toggles and in-use indicators for cameras and microphones, will be available.

There are also more subtle enhancements beneath the hood, such as camera-based auto-rotation and an on-device search engine that aids in the discovery of content within your apps. In some ways, this isn’t a huge step forward, but it could help revive Android if you’ve been disappointed with past iterations.