Google Maps redesigned with more highlighted informations


Google Maps has updated its driving, navigation, transit and explore maps with more highlighted information’s.

“The world is an ever-evolving place. And as it changes, Google Maps changes with it. As roads close, businesses open, or local events happen in your neighborhood, you’ll see it on Google Maps. When you schedule an event using Google Calendar, get a reservation confirmation in Gmail, or add a restaurant to your “Want to Go” list, Google Maps reflects that too. Now, we’re updating Google Maps with a new look that better reflects your world, right now,” Liz Hunt and Product Manager, Google Maps said in a blog post on Wednesday.

It has also updated its icons and colour schemes to help the users identify the details with ease. Places like a cafe, temple, museum or hospital will have unique colours to represent. From an usability perspective the changes is more effective than the previous version. We are sure that this will give a better experience to all type of users. Hope users will be able to see all these changes by next week.

All the changes will be applied for web, mobile apps and all other experiences offered by companies that use Google Maps APIs as well.