Google+ Auto-Awesome converts DSLR panoramas into Photo Spheres


Google has introduced a new Google+ feature that converts shots taken on a traditional DSLR into Photo Spheres. This new feature will allow you to create an interactive Photo Sphere by uploading any 360-degree (horizontal) by 180-degree (vertical) equirectangular panorama. This reduced the work of photographers, who previously were required to manually add a special piece of XMP metadata to ensure their DSLR photos were shown as a Photo Sphere. Evan Rapoport, a product manager at Google for Photo Spheres, Street View and Panoramio says that “ this should make your workflow much easier” and explains, how to use the new feature:

  • Ensure AutoAwesome is enabled on your profile
  • Upload a 360×180 equirectangular panorama
  • Look for a Google+ notification in the top-right (may take a little while)
  • A new private version will be added via AutoAwesome “Pano” that can be viewed interactively in Google+ and published to Google Maps and Views

SOURCE: Google+

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