Freewrite to Ensure Zero Distraction for Writers on the go

Astohaus introduces Freewrite Travaler Portable Writing Tool


Astrohaus has introduced a new writing tool that is sure to become a boon for writers. Freewrite Traveler Portable Writing Tool is a handy digital writing tool that comes in a size bigger than a traditional handheld device but half the size of a laptop. This makes it easier to carry when the writer is on a trip and they can scribble down their ideas anywhere, anytime. With a full-service writing option, it can be compared to a laptop but easier to carry.

The main feature that the makers promise is that it is 100% distraction-free with no text alerts, browser or content notifications. This enables the writer to stay in their own creative world. The specially crafted calibrated keys with a full-sized switch keyboard make it easier for the writers. The E Ink display comes with ambient light which will not trouble the users in sunlight. It comes with an internal flash memory which can save up to 1 million pages. It also provides Wi-Fi connectivity so that writers can save their files to cloud storage if they want.

The Freewrite Traveler Portable Writing Tool is priced at $449.