Fisker partners with Foxconn for developing a new electric vehicle

The electric vehicle is expected to start its pre-production by 2023

Fisker partners with Foxconn for developing a new electric vehicle

The US electric automaker Fisker has entered into a partnership with Foxconn, a Taiwanese company that manufactures iPhones. With this partnership, the two companies are expecting to manufacture a new electric vehicle. Henrik Fisker, co-founder, and CEO of Fisker has said that the partnership is going smoothly and is now working on the engineering and technical details on the proposed electric vehicle.

They are also working on a patent for a new method of opening a trunk and some other technological developments. The companies aim to design an EV that is well suited for the urban lifestyle. Fisker also added that “We have accelerated really quite fast and we probably will have some early prototypes already by the end of this year…You can’t make a car for everybody…You can’t make a car for a farmer and for somebody who lives in an apartment; those are two different vehicles, so we chose the urban lifestyle for this vehicle.”

Named as Project PEAR car which stands for Personal Electric Automotive Revolution, it will be sold by Fisker in North America, Europe, China, and India. They expect to start pre-production by 2023. The manufacturing location is most likely to be Foxconn’s manufacturing facility in Wisconsin. But as Fisker said, the final decision will be made by Foxconn. Wisconsin does not allow the direct sale of vehicles to customers and Fisker thinks of it as a disadvantage. He said, “That’s going to be one of the main things that has to change for us to go to the store and sell our electric vehicle”.

Fisker is expecting an increase in their operating expenses which is also due to their partnership with Foxconn. The company is also working on another electric vehicle which will be assembled by Magna Steyr in Europe. They plan to deliver the vehicle by 2022.