Finally, it’s TikTok’s turn to add Stories feature

TikTok Stories will be similar to the stories feature of popular social media apps

Finally, it’s TikTok’s turn to add Stories feature

By now, almost all social media apps have added the ‘stories’ feature to their homepage. The latest to this trend is TikTok. This popular short video app is now testing a new stories feature. The new feature will be called “TikTok Stories” and will be similar in function to all the other stories function on other popular apps. TikTok had also increased the time limit of its videos from 60 seconds to 3 minutes in order to give the users more room for creativity. 

The feature was brought to attention by Matt Navarra on Twitter. This was later confirmed by the platform according to The Verge

The stories will be present in a slide-over sidebar and the stories of the accounts that the user follows will be present there for 24 hours and will be deleted automatically after that. Users can also react and comment on the stories. Stories can also be loaded by clicking the profile picture of the user. TikTok has added that this feature will be “a new way to interact with your fans”. Stories can be created by clicking on the “create” button which will be added to the sidebar. It can contain music, captions, and text in videos. Since TikTok is a video platform, they have not enabled images on stories. 

TikTok has not provided any information on when it will be officially launched. But it has already been made available to many users. ‘Stories’ is a feature that is widely used on social media platforms. But it is not necessary that the feature will be deemed a success since Twitter had to take down its stories feature called Fleets only eight months after it had been launched.

Many popular social media apps had earlier copied TikTok’s features to launch their own video platforms. Seems like it is now TikTok’s turn to do the sweet revenge.