Beware – Fake Windows 11 contains malware


Windows is set to release their new version of OS, Windows 11. Even though it has only a few differences from its earlier version, people are eager to try the new OS. Windows has now released the OS only to selected testers. Despite this, people are making duplicates of the software, even making it work on devices that Windows 11 does not support.

Desperate people try to get hold of such fake versions. Be aware of this fraud, because not only does the software does not work, it may contain malware that seriously harms your devices. They may install a different program by taking over the admin privileges.

The new Windows 11 is said to have some features and aesthetic changes that make it more interesting than the older version. People who do not take part in the Windows Insiders program will only get the new version after its official release. The official release is set for later. Some people want to try it now. Therefore, they look for other installers or sources to install Windows 11.  However, it won’t be a good idea to risk the safety of your device now. Let’s wait till the official release.