Emojli is a social network of only emoji


Are you fond of emoji? Emoji and social network are strongly bonded and here comes a social network where there is only emoji. Emojli is a social network where there is “no words, no spam, just emoji.” The social platform will soon be launching on iOS, followed by other platforms. You will need to reserve a username for yourself, and the username has to be an emoji.

According to its Twitter feed, registrations passed 10,000 and there are 250,000 possible two-icon combinations available, so no need to worry for your username. One of the founders, Tom Scott, says:

“Matt and I both came up with the idea and figured if we didn’t build it someone else would. We weren’t sold on it until we came up with the idea that even the usernames should be emoji – at which point we both burst out laughing and decided to build it.”

SOURCE: Emojli, Twitter

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