Dubai teen solves sleep issues of astronauts in space

The sleeping bag uses aromatherapy and an automated software which enhances sleep


Prady Saligram is an 11th standard IGCSE student in Dubai. His love for AI had begun when he was just 8 years old. In a recent interview of him published in the Friday Magazine, he talks about his interest in the field of AI. 

He has been long interested in mathematics and engineering, but the fact that AI could be applied in different aspects of many fields caught his attention. From then on, this Hale student was digging deeper into this. He also shares his enthusiasm for automation and prediction models. He along with a team has recently developed an ‘Alexa-automated sleeping bag’ to solve the sleep issues faced by astronauts during their space travel.

In the interview, he says that the project to develop a sleeping bag for astronauts was begun after an investigation about their sleep deprivation issues. Their product made use of aromatherapy and automated deep learning software which improved sleep and provided increased productivity during the day. They used a Raspberry Pi as a microprocessor to enable Python.

He told that his family, friends, and teachers are all very supportive and he updates himself on the subject by constantly gathering information from YouTube and other sites.

Prady has also worked on another project named Rail Robot. He looks forward to doing a dual degree in Business Management & Information Technology in the US.