DataGrail to partner with Hubspot in data privacy management

DataGrail can manage Hubspot's clients in managing data privacy


DataGrail has recently announced a partnership with the marketing and sales platform, Hubspot. Daniel Barber, the CEO, and co-founder of DataGrail told VentureBeat that the partnership will help the enterprises in more than one way. This comprises complying with emerging data privacy laws, saving money, time, and engineering resources.

Automated alternatives for fulfilling data subject requests can be provided along with providing data processing reports which are the major components in privacy rules like GDPR, CCPA, and CPRA.

Hubspot is currently an investor in DataGrail. Hubspot also faces challenges in the advertising field as people today are more concerned about their data being used for targeted advertising. The data regulations are difficult to deal with as regulations differ from country to country or even within it. Barber noted that people have begun to exercise their rights to privacy tremendously more in recent times. The recent scandals have put people in a doubtful position regarding their trust towards companies in dealing with their data. The new privacy practices to be adopted require a high amount of work and will cost more.

The above 1 lakh businesses that need to comply with the privacy regulations can easily be connected to DataGrail and they can easily manage these data subject requests by automation.