Automattic launches an AI writing assistant for WordPress


On Tuesday, Automattic, the company behind and a key contributor to the open-source WordPress project, launched an AI assistant for the widely-used content management system.

The AI assistant seamlessly integrates with and all Jetpack-powered sites. Users can add an “AI Assistant” block to their posts or pages while writing and enter prompts in natural language. The AI assistant then generates text based on these prompts. In addition to generating content ideas, it can create structured lists and tables within blog posts.

The AI assistant also offers the ability to adjust the tonality of a post, making it more informal, skeptical, humorous, confident, or empathetic. It can provide post summaries and suggest titles.

Automattic stated that the AI assistant supports 12 languages, including Spanish, French, Chinese, Korean, and Hindi. This allows writers to translate their content into multiple languages, enabling them to write in their native language and later translate it into English, for example. The assistant also provides better spelling and grammar correction features compared to WordPress’s built-in tools.

The Jetpack AI Assistant block offers a free trial with 20 requests. After that, users can access the feature for $10 per month.

Various writing tools have introduced AI-powered features in recent months. Google and Microsoft have integrated AI capabilities into their professional application suites, such as Microsoft Word and Google Docs. Google also unveiled Project Tailwind, an AI-powered note-taking experience, at Google I/O last month. Writing solutions like Notion and Grammarly have also incorporated AI-assisted tools into their applications.