Apple planning 1,000-person internal ad agency


Apple is always known for its carefully-crafted and iconic marketing campaigns, but there is a perception that its latest efforts are less appealing. To gain all the marketing wows once again, the company is planning to build its own in-house advertising agency. According to AdAge, the internal agency has already hired big names from some of the top advertising companies in the country and is planning to have 1,000 people eventually working in the department.

Now this does not mean that Apple will not work with outside agencies, but the company will put its internal agency against the other companies to get best ideas. As AdAge claims that Apple is putting its longtime ad partner TBWA / Media Arts Lab against its internal agency in an effort to find the best creative ideas. This is certainly not a standard operating procedure, but the outside agencies will show extra efforts to not lose a major client.

The documents from the recent Apple / Samsung trial revealed that senior VP of marketing Phil Schiller admitted in a private email that Samsung has been outdoing Apple in marketing. With all these strategies, now it remains to be seen whether Apple will regain the glory of its past campaigns and prove that it really “thinks different.”


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