Apple might come up with touch-sensitive keyboards


Apple might introduce a touch sensitive keyboard in the future, according to a patent filed by the company. The patent dubbed as “Multi-functional keyboard assemblies” describes ways to expand the power of the traditional keyboard through the use of “keystacks.” This means that the future Apple keyboard for MacBook will let users perform different actions by swiping across keys, which is currently handled by the trackpad.

Reporting about the matter, CNET says that these keystacks would consist of a keycap, circuitry, and several other components like touch-sensitivity, which will enhance the functionality of keys. The patent filing lists an example which says that swiping from right to left across a series of keys could turn a page in an e-book. The report also indicates that the future keyboards would be capable to respond to users actions with haptic feedback, which means pressing down a key could trigger greater resistance, a click, or even a vibration.


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