Nike’s new self-lacing basketball shoes go on sale Sunday

Last year Nike introduced self-tightening and self-lacing shoe technology in their basketball shoes with its Adapt BB and the version 2 of the same technology is go on sale on from Sunday as the NBA celebrated All-Stat Weekends. The model already worn and displayed by some of the NBA super stars like Memphis Grizzlies rookie Ja Morant and now the good news is it is ready for you to buy and a own a pair if you can spend the $400. The price was $350 last year and it has been increased a bit but less than the $720 price of the the first HyperAdapt.

According to Nike, a redesigned shroud makes the shoes much easier to put on and take off, while an Air Zoom Turbo bag in the forefoot provides added bounce, similar to Kyrie Irving’s line of shoes. They also have a reworked midsole that’s supposed to improve the transition from heel to toe.

Like the first model, they still connect to your phone via Bluetooth and an app (that hopefully won’t brick anyone’s shoes this time) for customizations or updates, and need to be charged every couple of weeks by being placed on a wireless mat.