LG targets graphic designers, video editors and gamers with 4K HDR display


LG has decided to pre-announce its latest professional-grade 4K HDR monitor. The 32-inch, IPS panel-equipped 32UD99 supports the HDR10 standard that delivers 10-bit (over a billion) colors and a wide color gamut covering 95 percent of the DCI-P3 standard. That, plus the True Color Pro settings, delivers “professional-grade picture quality” and “color reproduction accuracy unmatched in the industry,” LG says. it will be a tempting option for graphics artists, video editors and colorists.

LG also points out that the monitor will be ideal for new MacBook Pro owners, since Apple isn’t making its own displays anymore. It supports 4K HDR with a single USB-C cable that can simultaneously charge your laptop and can also act as a USB hub. Company is also targeting color-sensitive gamers, saying it’ll play well with new consoles that support HDR and or 4K, including the Playstation 4 Pro and the Xbox One S.

We hope to get a better look at model in January, and hopefully learn the prices — if it’s low enough, the 32-inch model could sway a lot of folks looking for accurate color reproduction.

Source: engadget