Xiaomi to take down “Mi” brand name

Xiaomi has not clarified whether it will take down Redmi and POCO sub-brands

Xiaomi to take down “Mi” brand name

Almost all of the smartphone manufacturers come up with different names for their smartphone brands. It has been true for many of the leading smartphone makers except for Apple. When those manufacturers have other electronic products in the market the brand name specific to their smartphones makes it stand out. But recently, many brands are ditching this naming scheme. OnePlus had adopted Apple’s style in this process, and now Xiaomi is making way to it with plans for dropping the “Mi” brand name. 

Xiaomi recently attained worldwide attention, and the company thinks that it no longer needs the “Mi” branding. It has not reached the level of Samsung and Apple in terms of popularity. But the company had recently overtaken both Samsung and Apple in some markets. The brand is popular in most of the markets, excluding the US.  

Xiaomi started using the “Mi” brand name for its smartphones ten years ago. The Redmi sub-brand was introduced as an affordable range under the “Mi” brand. Many people get confused with the link between Xiaomi and “Mi”, and the company thinks it will be fair to clarify the confusion by removing the brand name. 

This change is visible in the new Xiaomi MIX 4. It was named likewise and not Mi MIX 4. The company said that this naming strategy will be followed with future devices too. However, details on what would happen to the Redmi and POCO sub-brands haven’t been made clear. We assume that it will retain these sub-brands. 

Through the process of dropping the brand name “Mi”, it is clear that Xiaomi has gained much confidence in its power. It is yet to surpass Samsung and Apple but, in many markets, and quarters the name is spoken alongside these top brands. This itself is enough to attract more people to its brand.