Wix Introduces AI-Powered Chatbot for Mobile App Builder Platform


Wix has launched an AI-powered chatbot for its mobile App Builder platform, enhancing its cloud-based no-code development capabilities. This announcement comes just months after the introduction of its AI-powered end-to-end website development tool. The new platform allows users to not only create branded apps for businesses but also deploy them to both the iOS App Store and Android’s Google Play Store, along with facilitating version updates and new feature releases.

Automating the App-Building Experience

In a recent press release, Wix announced the automation of the entire app-building process. The no-code platform previously enabled users to build apps without needing backend and frontend development knowledge. Users could customize and build a frontend using user-friendly tools while the platform handled backend creation.

The new upgrade simplifies the app-building process by helping Wix users easily select the right design and features for their smartphone apps. Dubbed a “conversational AI chat experience,” the tool features a chatbot that interacts with users, asking them several questions about their app. Based on the provided information, the chatbot can create a customized app.

Functionality of the Wix AI-Powered App Builder

The process begins with users informing the AI of their goals and intent for the app. After confirming the layout, the AI inquires about the desired features. Users can describe their needs in non-technical terms, and the AI interprets this information to suggest relevant features. Users can then upload a logo, and the final app design is generated.

If users wish to make specific changes, they still have access to editing tools. Wix also supports users post-creation by submitting the app to the Google Play Store and the App Store. Once live, the platform can be used to release updates and new features. A dashboard is provided for users to monitor all app activities.

Availability and Pricing

The AI chatbot and the app-building platform are available to paid subscribers of the App Builder, with subscription prices starting at $99 (approximately Rs. 8,300) per month, according to the company’s website.