WhatsApp to enable multi-device support soon

The new feature allows WhatsApp to be used on four devices simultaneously


WhatsApp is working on its much-requested update. The users of WhatsApp were not allowed to use the app on multiple devices without connecting to the primary phone. In its new beta update, the company has brought a solution to this by allowing up to four devices to connect to WhatsApp.

WhatsApp was available through WhatsApp Web but the registered phone had to be kept near with its internet connection on. Users were not able to use it if their battery was too low. The new update allows service on up to four non-phone devices, without having the registered phone connected to it. However, the four devices should not include another phone.

In a recent blog post announcing the new feature, the company said that “Each companion device will connect to your WhatsApp independently”. The security provided by the end-to-end encryption will be maintained on syncing messages. The feature is said to alter some of the engineering design of the app but it will not alter how cloud backups are done.

WhatsApp has been working on many updates and has also been working on a unique app for the iPad along with expanding the last year’s disappearing messages feature. The new feature was highly requested by the users. WhatsApp confirms that the new feature is currently on a test for the beta users. The confirmed date on when it will be rolled out to all, is yet to come.