Wake Up On Time With This Shockingly Innovative Wearable


There are a huge number of alarm clock apps out there made to turn your Android device into the perfect morning companion. Starting with soft sounds, turning on music, blaring a loud alarm with vibration and a million other options are out there to help sleepy smartphone owners greet the day with some semblance of timeliness. The insane amount of options out there ensures there’s something out there for just about every groggy customer. If these options just don’t do the trick and you want to amp up your wake-up routine, however, Pavlok has a wearable that may spark your interest.

Called the Shock Clock, the bracelet is made to give your morning that little extra zing that helps you get energized for the day ahead. The wearable is made by Pavlok, the company responsible for the fitness training wearable made to help stamp out bad habits through classical conditioning. Building on their alarm app for Android and iOS, Pavlok’s new wearable links to your phone’s alarm system and starts off gentle. First, the wearable simply vibrates to see if that will be enough to wake you up. After that, it starts to beep incessantly and loudly in an attempt to annoy you out of bed. If that doesn’t do the trick, you’ll get a nice little jolt.

The zap is, for most people, a near-guaranteed wake up call. Naturally, the wearable doesn’t simply allow you to stay in bed awake. Sensors tell the Shock Clock if you’re up or not, and if the answer’s no, the wearable will crank up the voltage on your morning, jolting you out of your sleepy haze. This means that even those who wake up, shut off their alarms and sit on the edge of the bed until the last minute will find the gadget useful.