Verizon shows off 5G-connected robots at MWC in Barcelona


Verizon showcased two robots yesterday at the Mobile World conference (MWC). In which bots use 5G connectivity and mobile Edge computing to communicate each other. Edge computing uses augmented reality and machine learning to analyse heavy data; whether from a factory floor, oil rig or office space and the fast data transfers through high-speed 5G and provide quickly communicate.

“When you have more than one robot on the floor, you run into a problem, as these are still just machines, and they can’t naturally communicate with one another,” Verizon’s Chief Strategy Officer Rima Qureshi said at the event in Barcelona.

“5G will make it possible for robots to connect with other robots and devices of all kinds in a way that simply wasn’t possible before,” Rima Qureshi said. Connected, smarter robots are considered crucial to make factory floors smart and efficient.

Source: Reuters