Veloretti electric smart bike


The bicycling capital of the world Amsterdam now introduced a new electric bike brand called “Veloretti”. It is interesting that in 2016 VanMoof launched the Electrified S back, since then many EV bike ventures are come up. Now the news is Veloretti Ivy and Ace e-bikes that begin mass production today and started shipping to the customers.

“We’re quite overwhelmed with interest in the e-bikes. It’s crazy,” says Veloretti founder Ferry Zonder, who brought me a prototype Ace to test last week.

Veloretti bikes are beautiful for eye’s and it is too classy in style. Despite their vintage appearance, Veloretti’s e-bikes are as cutting edge as can be both are fitted with a maintenance-free Carbon belt drive, stepless Enviolo automatic shifter, silent mid-drive Bafang motor (250W), hydraulic brakes, integrated front and rear lighting, a small display for turn-by-turn navigation, and a removable 510Wh battery that simplifies charging after depleting its 60 to 120KM range. It is a nice range when we compare with other bikes in the market.

Veloretti’s e-bikes also come slathered in sensors for torque, speed, and cadence, as well as Bluetooth, GPS, and 3G and 4G radios. All this tech enables a slew of advanced features like over-the-air updates, remote issue diagnosis, crash detection, and live tracking in case of theft. It is also certified for Apple Find My tracking just like another brand VanMoof.

We request you to check the company web site to get more info about the e-beauty.

Source: Theverge