Tricks to increase phone’s speed in just 1 minute

when you buy a smartphone, it gives you a smooth service. However with the passage of time, phone starts slowing down.

Next time if this happens, Try these tricks and you can increase your android phone’s speed in just 1 minute.

Turn off background process

Many of us do not realise that a lot of apps keep getting updated in the background which affect the phone’s performance. You can control this manually.

– Go to settings option in your phone.

– Click developer option.

– Select ‘limit background process’.

Clear your cache

Your phone’s cache should always be clean. Many junk files form this cache and hangs or slows down your phone. There are partiular apps which can be downloaded on your phone to clean cache while you can do this yourself manually too.

– Go to settings option in your phone.

– Select storage data.

– You will see a cache data option.

– Click ok and clean your cache.

Disable Android app

Your smartphone usually comes with a lot of pre-installed apps, some of which might be useless for you. Just get rid of them. For this you must try these steps:

– Go to settings option in your phone.

– Click Application manager option

– Select your phone’s app list.

– Uninstall all the unnecessary apps.

Disable animation

Live wall papers or animations also slow down your phone’s performance. You must disable these services. To do that, follow these steps.

– Go to settings option in your phone.

– Go to developers option.

– You will see window animation scale and transition animation scale option.

– Select these options on 0.5x. This will enhance your phone’s performance.