Sundar Pichai in his First Founder’s letter

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has written his first “Founder’s Letter” that talks about his future vision of the company. He said that the company is working towards creating a smart assistant that can follow one anywhere.

Talking about Search, Pichai said that is the “very core of the company”. The letter has some clues to where Google services are headed. Search is going to get more contextual awareness, personal demographic factors, location characteristics and environmental variables will all start changing search results. Search will not just get more personal, but also consider the time and activity.

Moving away from search, Pichai also offered insights on Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. He stressed on Google’s long term contribution in the two fields is responsible for many current innovations like voice search, translation, and spam filtering. He also mentioned Google’s efforts to add more and faster ways to access content, such as launching Accelerated Mobile Pages for faster mobile news sites and YouTube Red, its ad free version of its video service with original content. AI implementation in Google Services means that the experience for the users will keep getting better with use.